About Us

How did our journey begin?

Our journey began in 2014, from a mere small hut for our mum to catch a break from her gardening activities. Our first formal event started back in March 2015, when we hosted Anne Osbourne and her son Cappi (known as the Fruit Boy) at the now named Eco Ponies Garden. They came to plant their own Durian trees together with a group of 65 primary school students from Rambai Primary School and Kiudang Chung Hwa Primary School in Tutong, plus Sungai Liang Primary School from the Belait district. 

Over time, we added more buildings, expanded our activities and unintentionally developed into a tourist attraction that now offers visitors a taste of nature and kampung (village) life.

Over the last 3 years, we have been honoured to be able to host many local and international visitors, from backpackers, families and eco-tourists to foreign school groups, Government Ministers, Ambassadors and Embassy staff and company away-day groups - all looking to participate in our unique local experience.

Who are our supporters/partners?

We are privileged to have the support of our local diverse community around Lamunin, made up of indigenous Dusan, Tutong, Kedayan and Iban friends, who are willing to share the values and traditions of the olden days of rural life. This includes their expertise in the making of traditional crafts such as gasing (top spinning), weaving and other arts and crafts and games. 

We are also honoured and privileged to have the support of Brunei Tourism, Tutong District Tourism Promotion and Coordination Body, and would like to thank early supporters such as AZ Back To Nature tours, Eco Sumbiling Village, Eko Kampung, iCook Asia (to name but a few) as well as the Lamunin Community and our partnership with Kommunihub Co. over 2018.

Supporting local farmers

We believe that local, sustainable and organic farming can produce the best tasting and highest quality food. As well as growing our own, we actively source local produce wherever possible, to support our district farmers and their families. By supporting our local farming, we also help our local economy and sustain our rural community, providing opportunities for future generations that would otherwise only be found in more urban areas.

Helping the Community

We understand that one of the main things about being environmentally responsible is to make sure it is sustainable. That's why we seek to re-invest the money we make from hosting at the garden back into the garden and supporting community members who help us.

This includes not only providing employment at Eco Ponies for our local youths, but also in training and investing in their development for the future, to provide them opportunities in whatever businesses they are interested in.

Want to come visit?

We'd love to welcome you here at Eco Ponies Garden, whether you just want to come for a unique local lunch, stay for a night, host an event or meet our community, just get in touch!

Have time to spare?

If you would like to support us and stay for a night or even a week, participate in running the garden or join us and learn something new from our local community, then we are always looking for volunteers.

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