Come Visit

The garden is always waiting to delight our next visitor, so whether you want to simply pop over to relax for a couple of hours, enjoy a home cooked lunch of local ingredients, spend the night surrounded by nature, hire our venue to host an event or organise a learning / team-building activity, then please just Contact Us.

The funds we raise from hosting go towards running and improving the garden and supporting youth employment in our local community. We aim to be open most days of the year to welcome you, though please let us know in advance if you are aiming to pop by.

Unique kampung cuisine

Most of our guests come for our traditional home cooked food, prepared from the freshest of ingredients (many are locally foraged from our jungle surrounds) and served in the garden. With Dusun and Kedayan ethnic dishes such as Ayam Pansoh and Umbut cooked to order over an open fire, it's a meal to make your mouth water with some unique flavour combinations! And as it's all fresh, you'll get to see how your meal is prepared with our live cooking demos too.

Our menu constantly changes as it is dependant on seasonal ingredients and we offer a set lunch of authentic local dishes for just $15 per person (based on a minimum group of 4 people dining).

If you are interested in discovering how we obtain the ingredients, to complement your lunch we also offer a short walking foraging trip with a guide into the forest surrounding the garden ($15 additional fee per group for guide).

A venue like no other

Eco Ponies Garden makes a wonderful space for events and we have hosted everything from public festivals to private functions for a number of companies, associations and family groups.

So whatever the occasion, we look forward to welcoming you, whether you want somewhere different for a photo shoot, a company event, birthday celebration, family get-together, live music, weekend picnic or any other event and activity you wish to enjoy.

We also run fun corporate team-building activities such as culinary classes and challenges, designed for everyone, whether they be skilled or unskilled.

Likewise for family days, we host traditional village games for the kids (and adults too sometimes!)

The whole garden is available for private hire for $70 per hour (minimum 2 hours). For a event hosted by our community including meals and refreshments, we charge from $25 for half day, $40 for full day per person (based on a minimum group size of 20). 

Always Learning

We especially like to host educational visits and have welcomed many local and international students for field trips and classes in the garden.

The educational experiences we can offer are based on environmentally friendly and sustainable living, organic farming and healthy eating, plus we have community members who can offer tuition in cooking, wood working and traditional arts and crafts.

Additional activities include discovering hidden treasures of the rainforest by experiencing mini jungle trekking and outdoor camping.

Educational visits hosted by our community including meals and refreshments, are charged from $25 half day, $40 for full day per person (based on a minimum group size of 20).

Spend the night

Our little abode in the garden caters to those looking for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so come and stay at Brunei's only family-run, community farm-stay.

Set in the picturesque backdrop of Tutong forest, wake up to birds chirping early in the morning, inhale crisp fresh air and bask in the beauty of nature, enjoy local organic food and traditional tribal hospitality in our quaint little garden.

Available from just $30 per night, including breakfast, you can book via:

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