Welcome to Mukim Lamunin

The Dusuns would wish Selamat Mikot.
The Kedayans would say Selamat Datang.
The Tutongs would greet Selamat Sabi.

Meliponini Queen Bee Garden

Meliponini Queen Bee Garden is a place to visit in Lamunin. The beautiful garden surrounded by hundreds of stingless honeybees is a mesmerising sight, and can act as a educational trip for everyone. This garden has potential to contribute towards the country's eco-tourism industry.

The visit will be very beneficial for all in terms of educating people about the precious honey produced (which is highly antimocrobial) in the garden as well as how the Lamunin community cultivates a sustainable source of income.

Experience Kedayan's cultural tradition and heritage

Taman Tanjong Bukit Mambangan, located 1km from Eco Ponies Garden, is a potential area to experience and be immersed in Kedayan cultural. The unique family 7RKN will bring you back to the wonderful olden days of Kedayan lifestyle.

This inspiring community will share their values, and expertise in the making of traditional crafts such as spinning tops. They will also give local visitors and tourists a closer look into Kedayan tradition and heritage.

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